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Insanely Easy Card Flip Trick

Insanely easy card flip trick. Easy to do magic trick. Similar version performed by pro street magician, Chris Angel


Effect: Three random playing cards are selected from a face down deck of cards by your spectator. The spectator is then asked to randomly reinsert the cards into the deck after taking a peek and memorizing them

When the cards are back in the deck, the magician gives the deck a quick shake and a magic wave and then continues to present a spectacular transformation that has occurred.


The performance is shown in the magic tutorial video below which follows with some simple instructions and tips on how to perform this super visual close up card trick.

Method: The solution is shown in the video above as well as hints on how to construct a simple gimmick which can be used not only in this trick but as a very useful and portable prop to add to your favorite magic accessories.

Card magic is great fun and rarely fails to impress a crowd. Like any worthwhile profession, to perform tricks smoothly, does take a lot of practice and dedication. The results of your labours are returned many fold, by the enhanced results and believability of your tricks to your audience.

Remember some basic tips when practicing card tricks such as practicing in slow motion so that you can follow all the parts of the trick more easily. This can also help to improve your timing when performing the trick at normal speed.

Also if the trick requires a few different moves to complete, try practicing the different parts of the trick, seperately. By practicing in stages, each small part of the routine should be easier to perfect. The seperate workings can then be linked up to show a smooth slick and impressive performance to delight your audience.