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Handkerchief And Vanishing Coin

Effect : The magician sticks the coin into the handkerchief, turns it over and then the coin disappears from inside the handkerchief.

Secret ::You secretly wrap a rubber band around your fingers and thumb. Then you place the handkerchief in that hand. With your other hand place the coin into the handkerchief. Then let the rubber band slide off of your fingers and onto the handkerchief, so it surrounds the coin and it is under the handkerchief.

You then slide your hand up to the end of the handkerchief and shake it. This makes it look like the coin has disappeared. But it is really stuck in the handkerchief, held by the rubber band. A simple to do but very cool magic trick. 

Place elastic band round fingers
Place coin into handkerchief.

1) Place elastic band round fingers.

2) Place coin into handkerchief.
Slip band around coin.
Spectators view of handkerchief, coin held with elastic band on other side is not visible.
3) Slip band around coin.
4) Spectator's view of handkerchief.