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M&Ms Torn and Restored Magic Trick

This sweet trick is a real reputation maker

Trick Effect And Routine: Tear a corner from a bag of M&Ms. Pour a few M&Ms into your hand. Then reseal the bag by magically melting the corner back onto the bag.

Magic Trick Preparation: Place a few M&Ms into your" thumb tip"( This is a useful gimmick which can be purchased cheaply from most good magic shops) .You will also need to cut a corner off a different bag of M&Ms.You can place this in your thumb tip or just conceal it behind the bag. This trick is easier to perform if you sharply crease the corner on the bag that you are supposed to rip.

Method: After you show the bag of M&Ms, discretly slip the plastic thumb tip off your thumb and conceal it behind the bag in your hand (opening facing the corner to be ripped). Remove the extra corner from the thumb tip. Fold the creased corner towards you as you act out the magical  illusion of tearing the corner. Pour out the M&Ms from the thumb tip. Secretly replace the extra corner inside the thumb tip as you unfold the creased corner. Use a rubbing motion with your forefinger and thumb to give the impression that you are melting the corner back on the bag.

Slip the thumb tip back on your thumb and your done. Hand out the bag for examination! The patter is up to you, but you can tell a story of a candy crook who never gets caught or use your imagination to come up with some other interesting story with a sweet ending.

View from magicians angle.
View from spectator's angle.
Beware of candy crooks.
1) View from spectator's angle 
2) View from magician's angle
3) Watch out for candy crooks!!!