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Very Dicey Card Trick


Effect: The magician writes a card prediction on a piece of paper. This is folded up and given to the spectator to place in their pocket.

The spectator is then asked to roll a pair of dice. They are then asked to add up the numbers on the top and bottom of each of the dice.


Magic trick prediction with a pair of dice.

They are then asked to count out the same number of cards off the top of a deck of playing cards and to show the card that corresponds to the added dice number.

They are then asked to take the piece of folded paper with the prediction written on it from their pocket, which when unfolded will incredibly be the same as their chosen card ???


What's The Secret : The easy secret to this astonishing revelation is the fact that when two dice are rolled , the total of the the numbers on the sides face up and face down will always = 14

You simply need to memorize the fourteenth card down in the pack before performing the trick and write it on the piece of paper.

Then invite your spectator to roll the dice and count the up facing and down facing sides together.


This looks very impressive and usually leaves your spectator totally baffled as to how you predicted the result.


You can also use the dice secret as a different way to force a card when required in other trick routines.