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The Floating Ring Magic Trick

Make some really thick salt water. REALLY thick. Soak a piece of thread in it somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes, take it out and let it dry. Now you are ready.

Ask someone for a ring. Tie it to the end of the thread. Hold the string so its like a pendulum. Now take a match and light the string down by the ring.

The string will burn but the salt crystals can hold up a fairly light ring. An awesome magic effect.

Take care when using fire, this trick should not be attempted only by adults.



Ice Baby Magic Trick

Effect: Pour some water into a cup, blow on the cup and then turn it upside down where out pops some ice cubes. You need a cup or glass that you can't see through. You also need a small sponge and and some ice cubes.


Method: Prepare the cup by placing the sponge into the bottom of the cup. Then, drop a few ice cubes on top of the sponge and you're ready to go. To perform pour a small amount of water (about an inch) into the cup.

The sponge will absorb the water. Blow into the cup, wave your hands over it and dump out the ice cubes. If you are using a disposible plastic cup for the trick, just throw it away at this time. Watch the look of surprise on your friends faces with this magic performance. 

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