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Good Bar Tricks

Free cool magic tricks and illusions ideally suited to perform in a bar. Crazy card stunts, coin vanishes and great close up street magic style illusions with easily found bar and restaurant items to amaze your friends !

Bar tricks are a great way to break the ice or to entertain your friends. Most of the entertaining tricks on this page can be done with materials which should be reasonably easy to find in a bar or pub environment.

There are also a lot of magicians for hire who do bar and restaurant table magic as a full or part time career. Reach a good enougfh standard and this could prove a nice little income stream as a reward for your practice and dedication.

Should you wish to establish your reputation as a prestidigitator extraordinaire and dazzle folk with some impressive stunts or even use your new found information to win yourself a few bar bet challenges, then there should be some suitable tricks above for you to try out.