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Easy Way To Make Coin Disappear

An easy version of this visually amazing coin trick

There are many way to vanish a coin. Here we show you probably one of the easiest methods of making a coin disappear.

As a bonus, this looks great from an audiences point of view and can really leave them wondering, where on earth, the coin could have gone

Let's show you first, how the magic sleight looks, then we will take you through the simple steps to show you how you can achieve the same stunning effect on your friends or spectators.

A coin is seen to be made to disappear in the palm of a hand.

You can see above that a coin has been placed in your palm and given a gentle squeeze. When your fist is opened, the coin is seen to have completely disappeared ??? This looks stunning as everything was dione right in front of your audience's eyes and looked completely fair

Maybe not completely fair perhaps, so lets find out how we can create this amusing feat of deceptful trickery.

You need only a small square of double sided tape and a coin. ( small coins are sometimes better to practice with until you get your angles for perfoming the trick 100% right. )

Double sided adhesive tape is placed over a finger tip to perform a magic trick.

Once you peel the backing off the tape the sticky part will be almost invisible to your audience. Probably the best place to put the tape is on your middle finger nail, although you could put it one either of the fingers on each side if you wished and was more comfortable for you when trying to get the coin to stick.

Coin is placed in palm of hand in fleshy part at base of thumb.

Next move is to show your audience your outstretched palm and to place a coin in it. It is perhaps best to place the coin near the base of your thumb in the fleshy part of the skin. This should make pressing your taped finger against it easier in the next move.

Coin is squeezed against  finger and thumb while doing a magic trick.

Next, you curl your fingers in as if you were making a fist. Your taped finger should push the coin against the base of your thumb so that the coin sticks to it. Then open your fist into an open hand again and the coin will disappear to the back of your hand.

Be careful with the angles and practice in front of a mirror so that you get to know which angles are safe.

I hope you enjoy this simple piece of sleight magic.

A coin is made to disappear and reappear in the magician's hand.

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