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Coin Magic Tricks And Sleights

Free coin and money tricks and illusions. Cool coin sleights and tutorials, learn the best methods of vanishing a coin. Cool sleight of hand beginner money magic secrets. Do quarter magic.

Double Coin Trick Quarter Vanish Trick
Mystic Folding Money Coin Knuckle Roll
Impossible Bill Switch Super Money Bill
Hand Sleight Vanish Foiled Coin Trick
Elbow Coin Vanish Coin Through Solid Glass
Three Coin Illusion Coin Palm
Freaky Coin Bite Top Five Coin Trick

Theres an amazing amount of fun to be had performing a great variety of clever tricks with these little coins or a money note which make them both a good choice for impromptu tricks due to their availability and the fact that they are very portable.

There are many good books and tutorials available from reliable magic suppliers where you can learn good quality coin magic tricks. Youtube and Vimeo also have a lot of content on this cool subject which may be worth checking out.

A good tip to help improve your magician skills and help enable you to be able to perform convincing easy and advanced magic routines is to be sure and practice your magic moves plenty before performing in public. Coin tricks are amazing fun and can be demonstrated with many different types and sizes of coin.

To summarize, coin tricks are very useful for the following reasons.

  1. Coins are readily available and lightweight, great for impromptu tricks.
  2. They are easily hidden on your person i.e up your sleeve,
  3. Most people love to see a coin illusion.
  4. They make a refreshing change from card conjuring.

This category of prestidigitation is right up there in terms of popularity along with playing cards. As mentioned above there is a lot of very useful info at your disposal, one of the most useful sources being the book, Bobo's Coin Magic. This is a classic reference source for those interested in the subject and is available in paper and digital form. However much you study, just remember that practice is very important. Stick at one or a few of your favorite tricks until you can do them competently before starting on some new ones.