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Coin Through Handkerchief Trick

Magic Trick where a coin appears to magically pass through a handkerchief without leaving a hole

    Image of coin being hidden in a handkerchief to perform a classic magic trick.

    The coin and handkerchief trick is one of the oldest and most well known classics that has been around for centuries.

    However, with a good presentation and personality thrown in by the magician.








This timeless classic always manages to raise a smile with your audience.

You Will Need: A handkerchief and a coin.


    1. Put the coin in your right hand and cover it with the handkerchief.

    2. Next, pretend to straighten it out, but while doing that, tuck a little bit of the handkerchief in between the coin and your thumb.

    3. Take the front of the handkerchief (the side facing your audience) and throw it over the back, showing that the coin is still there.

    4. Now take both sides of the handkerchief, and throw them to the front. (It should stay because of the piece of handkerchief that you tucked between your thumb and coin earlier).

    5. Start twisting it from the bottom, so that it is being twisted around the coin.

    6. The coin will want to come out, but don't let it yet.

    7. Continue twisting until it is tight.

    8. Now push the coin through as if it is penetrating the handkerchief.

    9. Take the coin out and show no hole!!! Aren't you proud??