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Optical illusion image.
Super optical trickery that will attempt to fool your eyes.

Amazing optical illusion where the ball seems to be moving.

Fool your eyes with this cool image. The lines are completely white.
Is the ball moving?
The lines are completely white.
Spectacles won't help you here, the grey lines are actually straight. Say what you see.
The grey lines are straight.
Face of an eskimo or the whole eskimo.
Test your reading skills with this text trickery. Face optical illusion.
Read this sentence, then read it a few more times.
3 different faces.

Optical illusions are something that have always provided a constant source of amusement to me. It is amazing that a static image can be a real brain fooler. Equally fascinating is the ingenuity of whoever came up with idea and sketched it in the first instance.

This web page only scratches the surface of this amazing field of art by providing a few amusing and interesting optical illusions and puzzles for your amusement. You will find a great deal more by some simple searches on the internet. There are some more brain puzzlers on the next page which you can access by clicking the link below here.

I hope you enjoy the small selection that we have provided here.

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