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Magic Sleight Of Hand With Coins

Easy magic vanishing sleights with coins that when mastered will allow you to perform lots of amazing magic and coin tricks


French Drop

Hold coin between thumb and index finger.
1. Hold the coin that you want to vanish between your thumb and index finger.
Bring other hand down from above in a grabbing motion.
2. Bring your other hand down from above as if you are going to pick up the coin.
Drop coin into palm of lower hand and remove other hand, at the same time closing the fingers on the upper hand.

3. As you close your hand, drop the coin on your lower hand. Keep the top hand closed and remove the other hand.

The spectators will think that you, the magician, actually took the coin with your upper hand.



Classic Palm Vanish

Coin is shown in coin plam position.

1. Start the magic trick with a coin in the centre of your palm up hand.

The coin should be in the palm position ( see photo, fleshy part at base of thumb should keep secure in hand, pushing it towards the centre of the palm).

Pretend to throw coin into other hand.

2. Pretend to throw the coin into the other hand, but retain it in the palm ( this is called palming ).

There is an area at the base of your palm that is able to grip and hold a coin in place when the hand muscles are flexed.

Close fingers in upper hand. Crefully dispose of coin.
3. Close the hand that now seemingly " holds " the coin and get rid of the actual coin in the other hand somehow by magic( with misdirection ).

One of the excellent advantages of coin magic is that you have the opportunity to practice the sleights and full coin tricks at many times thought your day due to the size and portability of coins. The fact that very little other props are usually needed as well as the small size of coins means that you should be able to have a coin on your possession, nearly all the time.

You now have the option to take advantage of little breaks and opportunities throughout your day to take out a coin and practice either single sleights or a full trick routine. This can only help improve your journey to being a very competent coin magician.

Coin magic sleights are something that get better with practice. There are various learning sources online with video instruction material such as Youtiube and Vimeo which are sometimes worth checking out.