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Embarrassingly Easy Card Trick

No Need To Feel Guilty About How Easy This Magic Trick Is Just Enjoy It And Accept Your Applause

Starting out in magic can be nerve wracking and it is important for beginner magicians to perform one or two tricks well rather than taking on to many at one time. The following trick is a name your card themed one and it really is as simple and foolproof to perform as you could possibly imagine. You can be up and running with this one very soon.

The secret move to make the magic happen is explained clearly in the walk through explanation below. Hopefully this is one that you can add to your routine and will act as a good confidence builder

Preparation :

Before performing this trick all you have to do is flip over the bottom card in the pack as shown in the photo.

Deck of playing cards with bottom card turned over.

Lets get on with the trick then.

First off all challenge a friend that you will be able to name any card that they choose to pick from a deck without you seeing it. They will naturally doubt your competence and accept the challenge.

Start by fanning out the deck as shown below and inviting your friend to choose any card that they like. ( They really do have a completely free choice and can choose any card. ) Take care when fanning out the cards that the bottom face up card is not visible to your friend.

Playing cards fanned out.

Ask them to memorize the card.

Spectator is told to memorize their card.

Next, square up the deck and invite them to reinsert the card back into the pack ( This is where your secret move comes in ). When you push the cards together, squaring up the deck, you flip the deck over as shown in the video below so that your friend is unknowingly putting their card back into an upside down deck.

Turning a deck of cards upside down.

Insert card back in pack.

You then fan the cards out in front of you ( Don't let your friend see your view of the cards.) As the deck was upside down when they put their card back in the pack, their card will be the only face up card in the middle of the deck that you can see. In this case the five of diamonds.

Magician's view of spectator's card.

You can then use a little acting skills and timing, waiting a few seconds, before revealing their secretly chosen card.

This is a great starter trick for anyone starting out in magic ( embarrassingly easy or not ) and can let you concentrate on your patter and timing, rather than worry about sleight of hand or the complicated mechanics of a trick. It does what its meant to and strips the whole thing down to just a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy

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