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Goodtricks.net is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic and mischievous bar pranks. You will find lots of saloon friendly magic tricks on this page to learn at your own speed some that use bourbon or other bar favorites and others just regular items to achieve some hilarious results.

It may take years of practice and dedication to roll out some really polished material to the standard of say, Doc Eason who is well known as one of the world's best know magicians specializing in bar magic.

Don't worry about really hard to do tricks.

A couple of well practiced, easy to follow ones, paired up with some entertaining patter should get you some fun results.

Enjoy the site and good luck with your magic tricks.

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Cool Bar Tricks And Pub Magic

Learn easy bar tricks, cool pub magic and humor filled pranks with the help of our bartenders favorite trick videos.

Use beer bottles, glasses and other bar items to brew up cool tricks.


Drive your friends to distraction as they try and get their heads round how you accomplished your hilarious pranks.
Static Cigarette Coin Through Glass
Coin Flip Trick Switch The Shot
Make Money By Magic Vanish A Cigarette
Magic Morph Trick Anti Gravity Beer
Crazy Match Box Beer Bottle Stunt
Magic Energy Match Betcha Tricks
Pint Glass Wonder Bar Balance
Ultimate Sushi Snack Magical Magnetic Match
Great Dollar Escape Instant Beer Freeze
Double Strike Match Cocktail Boredom Busters
Penetrating Ash Trick Unbreakable Cigarette
Broken And Restored Everlasting Cigarette
Rising Match Box Floating Beer Can
Dragon's Breath Coin Slammer
Coin Sleights Cut & Restored Note
Multiplying Money Dollar Trick Rattle Snake Challenge
Super Mind Reading Jumbo Links Trick
Jumping Rubber Band Dice Tricks
Jumping Ring Trick Iron Grip
Color Mind Reading Trick Main Magic Menu

 This should make sure that you are ready for your next night out when the opportunity arises for you to perform a cool trick as an ice breaker or as a challenge game to one of your mates.

Bars and pubs are an ideal environment to perform some impromptu magic tricks.
Whether to impress the chicks or your friends, you should find a few of the routines listed above worth learning.
Drink glasses and coins are two popular items that can be used to perform bar magic tricks.

To summarize, bar tricks are great :

  • As an ice breaker to lighten the mood or meet new friends.
  • Designed to use easily sourced bar materials and equipment
  • As a place to practice new tricks with your friends, before performing them professionally.
  • Great fun to do and watch.
  • Add to your skills as well as maybe cocktail mixing.

This branch of magic can also be an important tool for bartenders and help boost their tips as happy entertained customers usually equals more tips ? Apart from the benefit of being an earnings enhancer, if people have an enjoyable visit, they are more likely to return in the future and so the increased foot fall will benefit the public house business and staff.

It goes without saying though, as a bartender you will more than likely be using your favorite routine over and over again. For this reason it is very important to practice it to a good standard. Its equally as important to work on a good line of entertaining patter to go with it.