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Sharpie Opens Soda Can Trick


Heres an unusual way to open a can of soda using only a Sharpie pen. But wait ! Its not as straight forward as it seems.

This one seems to be going viral at the moment

A soda can and a Sharpie pen are the props that you will need.

A soda can and a Sharpie pen are the props that you will need.

There are a few simple rules that you must abide by.

1) The black cap must remain on the Sharpie

2) You cannot touch the ring pull tab.

At first thoughts, this looks impossible but with a little know how, you can figure out the secret to how it opens and even use it to your advantage, perhaps even as a party trick or bar bet to perhaps win a drink or two..

Once your friends have exhausted all possibilities and given up hope of opening the can, following the abiove rules, you can proceed as follows.

1) Grip the can on the sides, firmly with one hand.

2) Grip the Sharpie, firmly in your other hand with the grey end of the pen, facing downwards.

3) Push the end of the pen against the inner rim of the can and rub the pen back and forward a few times, applying a little downward pressure, following the curve of the ring. Do this in the area directly in front of the ring pull tab door.

After a few seconds the can should open with a loud pop to everyones surprise !

Soda can pops open and soda sprays out everywhere.

The challenge is shown working in the above video. Please note that the towel is there for a reason as when the can pops open, soda sprays everywhere and can create a mess so be prepared to get absolutely soaked if you are not careful..

All that you are left with at the end is a can with a popped top ( as well as some cleaning up to do).

Soda can that has popped open due to internal pressure.


This unusual although impressive opening feat is best done with a can which is at room temperature, which will have more internal pressure than a chilled one.

Keep away from the top of the can while rubbing it with the pen to save getting soaked.

Be prepared to clean up after.

The great thing about these kind of party tricks is that they are done with everyday objects that are easy to find.

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