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Criss Angel Coin Through Can Trick

A really cool coin through can trick was performed by Criss Angel on a television special. This page shows this fantastic trick being performed and then follows with step by step photo tutorial to show you how to perform a cool version of the trick.

Materials needed to perform this cool coin through can magic trick.

This trick requires a can of carbonated soft drink, a marker pen and a coin which should be just able to be pushed in the can through the top opening.

This example uses a British 10 pence coin which is an OK size for a standard sized can.

Borrow a coin from spectator and ask them to sign the coin.

Ask your spectator if you can borrow a coin from them.

Now give them the marker pen and ask them to sign or make a mark on the coin so that they will be able to easily identify the coin with their unique artwork on it.

An initial or simple shape is usually enough.

Explain that you are going to slam the coin through the can.

Hold the can as shown and explain to your audience that you are going to "slam" the coin through the can.

Make sure that the bottom of the can is facing away from their line of sight.

Coin is slammed into base of can.

Slam the coin at the base of the can. The audience will hear the coin hitting the metal can. Pull away your slamming hand and hold the can still.

The coin should be able to be held on the rim of the coin base, unknown to your audience who should think that it has gone inside the can.
Make sure that the bottom of the can is facing away from their line of sight.

Magician's hand is shown to be empty.
Pull away your slamming hand and show it to your audience so that they can see that the hand is empty.
Magician's other hand is shown to be empty, also.
Tip the can onto your free hand as shown and show that your hand that was holding the can is empty.
Coin is secretly allowed to fall into magician's palm.
Place the can back in the other hand and carefully let the coin that is hidden in the bottom rim of the can fall into your palm.
Can base shown to audience.

Pick up the can with your free hand and rotate it so that the base of the can is shown to your audience. Here they can see that the coin is nowhere to be seen.

( The coin should be concealed in your other palm, hidden by your slightly curled fingers.)

Can is shaken to allowing the rattling coin to be heard.

Put the can back in the hand containing the coin and gently slide the coin up the side of the can with your thumb.

You should be able to cradle the coin halfway up the side of the can.

If you give the can a gentle shake, you can hear the coin rattling which your audience will assume that its rattling inside the can.

Coin is secretly slid onto top of can.

Continue to slide the coin up to the top of the can with your thumb.

Make sure that it is placed directly over where the hole will appear when the ring pull is opened.

Take care to make sure that the coin is hidden by your thumb.

Coin pushed in when ring pull is opened,

Open the ring pull and when the soda starts to fizz out, push the coin into the opening.

The frothy soda will hide this secret move.

Empty can to reveal the spectator's signed coin.

Pour soda out from can and when empty you should see the spectator's coin at the opening of the can

This can clearly be seen to be their signed coin and can really amaze people as to how this magic feat was performed.


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