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Everlasting Soda Magic Trick

A Magic Trick, Where A Crushed Empty Soda Can Is Magically Restored.

Street magic is best performed in a casual impromptu manner.

magician demonstrating card flourish in his hand.

With a little preparation and some entertaining patter, a simple magic trick can be turned into a really impressive effect.

This street magic style trick is a good example of an easy trick that looks seemingly impossible. Have fun.


A seemingly empty and crushed soda can is picked up and shown to the audience. The can is held by the magician who gently rubs the top of the can, resealing it. The soda can is then slowly shaken back and forward where it is seen and heard to be restoring itself to it's original shape, right in front of the spectator's eyes. The can is then opened and fizzy soda poured into a glass which can then be drank. Amazing reaction is often had from the audience by this cool street magic trick.

How To Do The Illusion :

Materials need to perform this cool street magic trick.

For this trick. you will need the following, easy to find objects. A full can of soda.

Try and use a type of soda that is quite fizzy such as Coke or Fanta ), a thumb tack and a white board marker


Make small hole in soda can

Make a small hole in the can with the thumb tack. The hole should be approximately one third down from the top of the can ( the end with the ring pull).

Carefully empty out some of the fizzy drink, by tipping the can and squeezing it gently so that the can looks crushed.


Color in a small area on top of can to give the impression that the can is open.

Color in a portion of the top of the can with a whiteboard marker so that you have a black mark which looks like the can has been opened.



Hold can upside down so that spectator is convinced that the can is empty.

Perform trick as follows. Pick up the "empty" can and show your spectators the can, making sure that they see the can top so that they are convinced that the can has been opened. Give top a magic rub remove ink and to "seal" the can.


Tilt can from side to side.

Next, holding the can in one hand, make sure that the small hole in the side is covered by a finger or thumb. Tilt the can from side to side.

This will shake the contents, causing the fizzy gas inside the can to expand and re inflate the can. The can can visibly be seen and heard to be repairing itself.


Pour soda into glass.

Now, casually pull the ring pull to open the can which as long as the hole in the side of the can is still covered, should open with a reassuring swish noise. The drink inside can now be poured into a glass for you or your audience to taste.



Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the impromptu trick. As mentioned above, the effectiveness owes a lot to your performance and timing. For instance the prepared can could be left somewhere before you arrive there, such as on a bar table where you are meeting friends soon. The possibilities are endless. This further adds to the impression that the stunt is totally off the cuff and unrehearsed.

The above magic trick can be performed as a party trick as there are usually a lot of soda cans and glasses available at these events. You may wish to practice this and a few other table magic tricks so that you have a ready to go party magician routine to amaze your friends when the opportunity presents itself.