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Great Dollar Escape Bar Trick

Here is a good routine that can end up winning you a few beers.
Read, learn, practice, drink.

Effect: You place one beer bottle on the edge of a table. Place the middle of the dollar bill on the mouth of the bottle. Then place the other bottle upside down on top of the first so that they are mouth to mouth and the bill is between them.

Then you bet someone that you can remove the dollar without knocking over either bottle.

Materials required: Two empty beer bottles and one dollar bill, fairly new.

Method: To perform the trick, very carefully pull the dollar straight out toward you with your left index and thumb and hold it there.

Then make a fist with your right hand with your index finger sticking straight out. Now, going straight down with your index finger very very quickly, hitting the bill between where you're holding it with your left fingers and the bottle. If done right the dollar will be removed and the bottles still standing.

Note: This great dollar escape trick does require some practice and when you're first starting it's safer and easier to place about a fourth of the dollar between the bottles.

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