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The Magic Square - Mind Reading Trick

The goal of this mind reading trick is to fool your spectator into thinking that one of two magicians a.k.a. pranksters is either a mind reader or an extremely good guesser. This mesmerizing trick may seem hard at first, but once you read the clever secret which brings it all together, it isn't that hard.


You Will Need:
To perform the magic square trick you will need a pack of cards, two magicians a.k.a pranksters and one spectator.

There may be more than one spectator, but only one can choose the card that will be revealed by the magician.


1. Shuffle the cards thoroughly,. If the spectator asks if they can shuffle the cards, allow them to, The cards are not set up in anyway for this trick.

2. Pick out 9 cards from the deck, once again, allow the spectator to pick some if they wish to. Place the 9 cards in a 3 x3 layout. So that there are three rows each with three cards in them. Imagine the lines are cards

3. Once this has been done, magician number two walks away and doesn't look at the 9 cards that are laid out.on the table

4. Magician one asks the spectator to choose a card, in any row and to memorize it Any one of them will be fine. Tell the spectator that once a card is chosen, that they cannot change the card.

5. Once this has been completed and the spectator has memorized their card, magician two is called back into the room.

6. Slowly take away cards that are not the spectators card with slight hesitation to make it look like you're not sure. Eventually, come to the conclusion of what the card is and say "That's your card". If they say "No", magician one is either rubbish at remembering positions or, the spectator has changed his position of the card.

Magic square maind reading trick showing chosen playing card in center of square of 9 cards. Correct thumb position is shown here when when handing back the playing cards.
Chosen card in center. Magicians secret thumb signal.
Alternative position of chosen playing card for this mind reading trick. Correct thumb position for top right playing card.
Chosen card at top right position Magician's secret thumb signal.

Now this is the tricky part. Magician one needs to hand the deck to magician two. The way that the magician hands the card to the other magician is extremely important and is the key to this trick.
The magician needs to place his thumb on deck in the position the card is on 3 x 3 grid.

For example, if the spectator had chosen the middle card in the middle row, when handing the deck to magician 2, his thumb must be in the middle of the deck.

If he/she chooses a top card, the top of the grid is the part of the deck that is closer to Magician 1 when being handed to magician 2. ( See examples above in photos. )

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