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Impossible Matchstick Challenge

The bet bar bet challenges are the ones that look almost impossible with the odds stacked in your suckers favor. This trick requires stealth and cunning but can possibly win you a beer or two.

The challenge is to take the coin without touching the matchsticks or letting the matchstick pyramid collapse.

Three matchsticks placed in a pyramid shape on top of a matchbox.

The most difficult part of this challenge is arranging the set up on top of a matchbox as shown in the photo.

Three matches are placed in a pyramid shape and one of the matches has a coin placed underneath it.


Three matchsticks are set alight.

Once your bet has been accepted, proceed as follows. Very carefully set the matches alight by using a lit match, candle or lighter. Take care, as it is very easy to knock over the matchstick pyramid.

Once lit, let the matchsticks burn down a little. If they do not extinguish before reaching the box, blow them out.

Burnt matchstick has lifted up from a coin.

Once the flames have gone out you will see that the matchstick that was touching the coin has buckled and lifted off the coin,

You are now free to remove the coin safely and collect your prize ( cold drink or whatever ) from your friend.

This trick is fun to do but care should always be taken when using matches or flame and this challenge should only be attempted by adults. Have fun and hopefully win a few bar bets.