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Jumping Match Magic Trick

This is a very easy magic trick to do and you will get a great reaction from onlookers as well !! First, take two wooden matches from a matchbox. Then hold your left palm up and place one match on your palm with the match head facing to the right and extended past your hand.

Two matchsticks move together before one jumps into the air.

Pick up the other match with your right hand first finger and thumb only and rub the match head on your sleeve.

You can explain to your audience that you are giving it a static charge.. blah, blah, blah, e.t.c

Then bring the two match heads together and ........ with the fingernail of your right middle finger, ( or ring finger ) snap the end of the match ( it'll make a small snapping sound ).

This will cause the match on your hand, to fly up in the air. You might have to touch the match on the underside of the match head to get a good leap out of it.

Practice this until you can do it without thinking. Its so simple, you may underestimate its effectiveness

I perform this lightning fast, jumping trick a lot and get a great audience reaction out of it.

If you enjoy tricks such as this, with matches and other small, easily found objects, you will find a good selection on the other pages of this magic site. Enjoy learning and make the most of this fascinating hobby.

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