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Melting Matchstick Morph Magic Trick

Two matchsticks appear to melt through each other.
This is easy to master but is still a very convincing bar trick.

Easy Trick Method

Two matchsticks are removed from their box and are held out and shown to your spectators.

Each matchstick is held between the thumb and first finger of each hand. The matches are rubbed together showing that they are solid and is is an impossibility for one to pass or morph through the other without breaking it.

As if by magic, you achieve the impossible and pass one match through the other, effortlessly. Learn the secret to this easy bar trick by watching the following magic instructional video.

Don't forget to practice the angle that this cool melting matchstick magic trick is performed at in relation to your audiences view. This is where some practice in front of a mirror to perfect your angles, comes in really useful

This Melting Card Trick Illusion Will Puzzle Everyone !