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Jumping Match Magic Trick

This is a very easy magic trick to do and you will get a great reaction from onlookers as well !

First, take two wooden matches from a matchbox. Then hold your left palm up and place one match on your palm with the match head facing to the right and extended past your hand.

Two matchsticks move together before one jumps into the air.

Pick up the other match with your right hand first finger and thumb only and rub the match head on your sleeve.

You can explain to your audience that you are giving it a static charge.. blah, blah, blah, e.t.c

Then bring the two match heads together and ........ with the fingernail of your right middle finger, ( or ring finger ) snap the end of the match ( it'll make a small snapping sound ).

This will cause the match on your hand, to fly up in the air. You might have to touch the match on the underside of the match head to get a good leap out of it.

Practice this until you can do it without thinking. Its so simple, you may underestimate its effectiveness

I perform this lightning fast, jumping trick a lot and get a great audience reaction out of it.



Magnetic Matches Magic Trick

Matches are magically magnetized, suspended in mid air, and finally demagnetized in this very clever free illusion.

Effect: Magician introduces that match sticks have a special property...they can be made " magnetic ".

Magic magnetic matchstick trick.

The magician pulls out a matchbox and opens it 1/4 of the way to show the heads of the matches and shake them around to show they are loose.

The matchbox is then closed shut.

The magician then turns the matchbox over and waves a hand over the box claiming to " magnetize " the matches.

The magician then proceeds to open the box upside down, holding the match head end of the box lightly between two fingers. The matches do not fall. Then...with a quick shift of the hand, the magician then " de-magnetizes " the matchbox and the matches fall to the ground.

Preparation: Take a box of wooden matchsticks, shorten one matchstick to the width of the matchbox and press it into place ACROSS the other matchsticks at the half-way point in the box. It should be tight enough to hold the other matches in place and still allow you to open and close the matchbox. This match holds the others in place. A gentle squeeze on the sides of the box will cause the matches to fall out.

Prepare matchbox with secret set up.
Show spectators matches in box.
1)Prepare matchbox
2)Show matches to spectators
Turn box upside down and pull out drawer.
Squeeze gently and the matches will fall out.
3) Open matchbox upside down
 4)Gently squeeze sides to release



Melting Matchstick Morph Magic Trick

Two matchsticks appear to melt through each other.
This is easy to master but is still a very convincing bar trick.

Easy Trick Method

Two matchsticks are removed from their box and are held out and shown to your spectators.

Each matchstick is held between the thumb and first finger of each hand. The matches are rubbed together showing that they are solid and is is an impossibility for one to pass or morph through the other without breaking it.

As if by magic, you achieve the impossible and pass one match through the other, effortlessly. Learn the secret to this easy bar trick by watching the following magic instructional video.

Don't forget to practice the angle that this cool melting matchstick magic trick is performed at in relation to your audiences view. This is where some practice in front of a mirror to perfect your angles, comes in really useful


Double Strike Matchstick Magic Trick

A cool pub trick where you fool your mates with your magic powers. This matchstick trick looks like real magic.

Effect : A match is removed from its box, struck and lit. The match is put out and you are immediately able to strike the match again and it relights a second time. This magic trick looks stunning as your audience are not expecting the result and it usually gets a great reaction from your mates.

You Need: A box or book of matches and a black felt tipped pen such as a Sharpie.

How It's Done: Prepare for this cool pub trick as shown in the video below. Practice this match stick trick a few times until you are confident and can perform the trick smoothly

Tips: Take care when using matches and make sure that the match is properly extinguished before you throw it away

This is a cool trick to try out in a pub or bar as there are usually smokers in the crowd and matches are usually readily at hand. Take care when using any kind of matches or flame. This trick should only be attempted by adults. Maybe try out this trick as a betcha trick and try to win some beers of your mates



Impossible Matchstick Challenge

The bet bar bet challenges are the ones that look almost impossible with the odds stacked in your suckers favor. This trick requires stealth and cunning but can possibly win you a beer or two.

The challenge is to take the coin without touching the matchsticks or letting the matchstick pyramid collapse.

Three matchsticks placed in a pyramid shape on top of a matchbox.

The most difficult part of this challenge is arranging the set up on top of a matchbox as shown in the photo.

Three matches are placed in a pyramid shape and one of the matches has a coin placed underneath it.


Three matchsticks are set alight,

Once your bet has been accepted, proceed as follows. Very carefully set the matches alight by using a lit match, candle or lighter. Take care, as it is very easy to knock over the matchstick pyramid.

Once lit, let the matchsticks burn down a little. If they do not extinguish before reaching the box, blow them out.

Burnt matchstick has lifted up from a coin.

Once the flames have gone out you will see that the matchstick that was touching the coin has buckled and lifted off the coin,

You are now free to remove the coin safely and collect your prize ( cold drink or whatever ) from your friend.

This trick is fun to do but care should always be taken when using matches or flame and this challenge should only be attempted by adults. Have fun and hopefully win a few bar bets.