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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of complimentary easy magic tricks for beginners to learn and master at your own speed.

From Houdini style escape tricks to thrilling grand stage spectacular shows by the likes of great stage magicians such as David Copperfield and right to the more intimate style of close up magic. This fascinating subject is a great source of entertainment to give.

Enjoy this cool site and have lots of fun with your complimentary magic tricks and pranks.

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Easy Vanishing Card Trick

This is an easy to perform premier snap vanish card trick which can be performed with a playing card or a coin. The card appears to mysteriously vanish into nowhere when you bring your hand over it.

Hand showing how to make a card disappear

Don't forget though that you should practice this vanishing card trick until you are confident performing it before trying it in front of your friends or an audience.

You will find the little effort required to practice, repaid, many times.

Great easy to do card sleight. Find out the easy method to let you perform this amazing card trick by watching the magic instruction video on this page.

This easy card trick shows that with a little practice so that you can perfect the angles and timing, that you can perform very convincing card magic tricks relatively easily.

Don't let the simplicity of this sleight fool you, this is a very impressive magic trick secret and usually leaves your audience stunned as a card has seemingly disappeared right in front of their eyes.

You can incorporate this sleight into one of your party tricks or combine it with one or two of the other easy magic tricks on this site to perform a cool card trick routine.

This is a really cool nice and casual style of close up magic but once you have mastered this method, you may wish to move on to the slightly more advanced, super slick card vanish method.

This method although requiring more practice, looks very impressive and is better suited towards a good table magician for hire or wedding magician, should you wish to advertise your services.

There are many good quality sources where you can find useful information and tutorials to enable you to learn to do simple vanishes and other easy magic sleight of hand. A good source of info for those of you who wish to specialize in cardistry is The Royal Road To Magic book by Hugard and Braue.

This book has been out for many years but is still relevant and highly regarded by a lot of contemporary magicians. This book starts with the basics and can teach you some excellent card sleights and skills.

To summarize, here are some reasons why this is a great vanish sleight to learn:

  1. Can be mastered in a short period of time
  2. Easier to perform than the classic card snap.
  3. Requires only a card or a coin meaning you can easily have these items on you and present a cool impromptu performance in a lot of places.
  4. Very quick set up and almost instant reset.

This ones a bit more advanced, but looks super cool !!