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Vanish A Card In Thin Air

This is a really useful sleight which will allow you to appear to make a card vanish. The sleight should enhance your magic trick routines. Vanish a card in thin air. Learn this exciting card sleight here.


Effect : A playing card is held in the magician's hand in clear view of the audience.

Suddenly and unexplainedly, the card vanishes into thin air and the magician's open hand can be seen to be completely empty.



Then, just as suddenly as the playing card was vanished, it is plucked out of thin air again and is clearly shown to be in the magician's hand.

This great disappearing card sleight requires only a deck of cards and is a useful sleight in close up magic and street magic.

Method : This card trick is shown and the magic secret explained in the video shown on this page. Don't forget to practice this sleight until you can perform it competently. It takes a lot of practice to make a card vanish but the result is well worth it and it can be incorporated into many card trick routines.

The use of a good quality pack of playing cards such as Bicycle Brand Playing Cards can help you to get the best handling from the pack when performing tricks and sleights and are a popular choice of all levels of magicians.

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