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Kung Fu Sugar Packet Trick

You amaze your audience with your super speedy kung fu like senses when your lightning fast reactions come into play with this very impressive close up street magic trick.

Effect: A sugar packet is thrown up into the air when the magician strikes out at it with a pointed finger which neatly spears the sugar packet through its center.

Watch this reaction trick in action on the video below and learn how to perform this really impressive impromptu trick. It can be performed almost anywhere and is a great ice breaker. Show that the hand is faster than the eye

You will need two small packets of sugar.

These are the items that you will need to perform this cool trick.

Make a hole in one of the sugar packets.

Carefully make a hole through one of the packets.

Place this sugar packet on your middle finger.

Place this prepared packet on your middle finger.

Now hide the sugar packet in your hand as shown here.

Now hide the sugar packet in your hand as shown here.

Open hand and catch other sugar packet in mid air.

Open hand and grab other packet in mid air as shown here.

Quickly close your hand leaving your finger with the sugar packet on it sticking out.

Quickly close fist but leave middle finger extended. It will look like you have speared the other packet.


  1. Can be performed almost anywhere at a moments notice.
  2. Good ice breaker for a street magic performance.
  3. The little preparation that is needed to perform this magic is time well spent as this trick can look really baffling to your audience.

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