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Welcome: is designed as an aid newcomers wishing to learn about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks to learn at your own speed.

Enjoy the site and good luck when you start practicing your magic tricks.

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Magic Tricks For Beginners

The list of easy tricks for beginners on this page explains some of the easier and straightforward ones on the site to get you started in simple magic so feel free to click on the links and give them a try.

The trick category menu on the top left hand side of this page will link you to various other tricks to learn.. They range from street magic to levitation and even bar tricks. Choose whichever category you wish to start learning about.

Twoplaying cards showing a typical probability for the world's easiest trick. Sugar cubes are the magic ingredient to the best beginner speedy magic illusion.
Easy to do card melt trick which is perfect for beginner mmagicians. A magic spelling trick us both simple and very impressive.
Handerchiefs and rabbits are classical magicians tools. Money bills are ideal props to perform simple magic tricks with.
Easy to do,  coin inside a glass performance. The elbow coin vanish is one of the most famous grandfather magic tricks

Magic Tips For Beginner Magicians :

  1. Start out with a simple trick to practice and build your confidence

  2. Don't try to rush when practicing. This is one hobby where patience is rewarded.

  3. Perform in front of family and friends first. This should be less nerve wracking

  4. Don't try to learn too many tricks at once. Maybe one coin and one card trick to start ? has many accessible card and coin tricks of varying levels of difficulty to try at home or at work. There are explanations given for each of the tricks and the instructions are laid out as clearly as possible. Ideal to help assist a learner. Where possible, magic instruction videos are placed on each lessons page. Being able to view the trick being performed and the skills needed are often easier to understand when explained visually as well as in text.

An effort has been made when choosing this page's sleights to make them as manageable and undemanding as possible to help make the learning process an enjoyable journey.

It is important not to forget that an illusion does not have to be complex to be fun and entertaining, indeed a happy positive attitude comes across well and can really make a trick a lot of fun for an audience.

Thank you for visiting this magic learning site. It is always good to hear peoples views on our site so please feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions and also if you have any cool ideas or content that you would like to submit, get in touch and we will review it. Who knows, it may well be up on the site soon.

Let us know your likes or dislikes and how we can improve this information and. Check out the tips and lessons on street magic tricks and easy to help make learning close up magic a piece of cake. Please email us by clicking the email link on the main page of this site.