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Amazing Coin Through Solid Glass Trick

A brilliantly simple but amazing to watch, coin through solid glass trick is demonstrated and explained step by step.

There are a few different versions of the coin through glass or glass table trick. This one is one of the best due to the fact that it requires only a coin and a small glass. There are no duplicate coins <and no gimmicks required. Enjoy the step by step magic tutorial that follows. There is also a video of the trick being performed at the bottom of the page.

Item needed to perform this illusion, a small galss and a coin.

Start off with just a glass and a coin.

It is easier to use a small to medium sized glass. Make sure it has abase.

The coin can even be signed by your spectator to prove that it is the same coin that will be seen inside the glass.

If you wish to have the coin signed, you will also need a marker pen such as a Sharpie brand pen.

Image showing coin being tapped on base of glass to prove that it is solid.

After the coin has been signed (optional ) tap it gently on the bottom of the glass so that your audience can clearly see that the base is solid.


Both the coin and the glass can be freely examined by your audience.

Image showing coin being held in center of your palm and below the glass.

Place the coin in the center of your palm.

Hold the glass in your other hand, gripping the glass from above.

Make sure that the top of the glass is not covered by your hand.

Gently tap the bottom of the glass two times with the coin, which will be unable to pass through the glass.

Image showing coin in new position near finger tips, raedy to be thrown up into the glass.

Now , gently let the coin slide from the center of your palm, towards your finger tips.

This should be done discretely so that your audience are unaware of the coin moving position.

Now tap your palm against the base of the glass. the coin should now be catapulted up towards your other arched hand and bounce of it and into the glass.

Image showing trajectory of the coin from another angle.

Here you can see an example of the move from another angle.


This move is not difficult but will need a little practice so that you can find the most comfortable position for your upper hand and also the best spot to hit to ensure that the coin will bounce into the glass.

Image showing coin being swirled in glass and tipped out for examination by the audience.

Immediately give the glass a swirl, so that the audience can hear it inside the glass. They can see the coin in the glass which can be tipped out and given to them to examine.


If the coin had been signed before, this would reinforce their belief that the coin had actually traveled through the glass.


This is a really baffling trick to try on your friends. It works pretty perfectly as a bar trick where there are glasses readily available and the trick can look totally impromptu. You can find another cool magic trick method with a coin appearing to move through a glass at this link.



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