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Easy Coin Travel Through Glass Trick

This is an easy to to version of the coin through a solid glass magic trick. This one looks amazing

Effect : A Coin and a glass of water are clearly shown to your audience. They watch in wonder as you appear to visibly melt the coin through the glass until it appears inside the glass full of water. This is a totally baffling trick as both the coin and the glass of water have been clearly visible to your audience, the whole time that you have been performing the trick.

You can learn how to do this impressive coin trick by reading the magic coin trick tutorial, below here. There is also a useful video tutorial of the trick being performed and the explanation which follows after the illusion has been shown.

Great easy to do coin sleight. Find out the easy method to let you perform this amazing coin trick by watching the magic instruction video on this page.


You Will Need :

A Coin

A Glass of water.

Method : You first need a little preparation for the trick, this involves, placing a duplicate coin in the glass of water. The coin should be lying upright against the side of the bottom of the glass.

Pick up the glass with one hand and show it as empty, to your audience. The coin should be hidden by your fingers which are gripping the side of the glass.

Now show the coin in your other hand and tap it against the bottom of the glass to reinforce the effect that the glass is totally solid.

Holding the coin in your finger tips, appear to be slowly pushing the coin through the glass. What is really happening is that you are pushing the coin against the glass and it is sliding down through your fingertips. Let the coin continue to slide down and retain it in a finger palm, hidden by your slightly curled fingers.

Make sure that you have appeared to push the coin in the glass, near the side that the duplicate coin is lying inside. At the right moment, turn the glass round slightly so that the duplicate coin becomes visible to your audience and watch their look of amazement.

This trick depends a little on watching the viewing angle of your audience (practicing this trick in front of a mirror, is a good way to perfect the angles). You are also helped by the scientific principle of refraction, which bends light in water, helping to hide the coin in the glass.

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