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World's Simplest Trick

Don't Be Fooled By This Trick's Simplicity, It Really Works !!!


You take out a deck of cards and ask the spectator to shuffle it thoroughly. You then ask him to name any two cards (just the name of the card, without the suit). After the spectator names two cards, you put your hand on the deck of cards, and concentrate hard on it. After a minute or so, you ask the spectator to turn over the deck of cards and fan through it. Astonishingly, the cards that he names are right next to each other.

Win with these cards. Ace and ten combination. Ace and ten correct prediction. You win again with correct cards.
Ace and ten wins.
You win again.
Another winner.
And Again.

You Need:  A deck of cards.

What Skills You Need To Learn:


Virtually Nothing! You really don't do anything! If I have to say, the only thing you have to do for this trick is to act like you are really concentrating very hard on the cards when you put your hand on them.

That's all! This trick simply works! All by itself !

This trick works by probability.

When the spectator names two cards (remember to tell him not to name the suit), let's say Ace and Ten, he is really naming four cards of each kind since the suit is not specified.

The theory is that out of those eight cards (Ace of Spades Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Ten of Spades, Ten of Hearts, Ten of Clubs, Ten of Diamonds), at least one of the Aces in the deck will be next to one of the Tens.

Don't believe this? Try it out! About 10% of the time, there may be a card between the Ace and the Ten. If that happens, simply tell the spectator that you are not concentrating hard enough. When you repeat the trick, it will work. You will have to look far and wide to find a trick that's easier than this one ! Thats why its probably the simplest card trick in the world ???

This is a good example of a performance where the magician's acting and entertainment skills come into play. Indeed with many magic acts the trick is just one piece of the pie and works in harmony with the magicians patter to form a great partnership, benefitting the overall show.

Note: This trick can be done to the same spectator a few times, but if you do it too many times, they will eventually figure it out. So, don't overdo this one!

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