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Simple 3 Card Mind Reading Trick

A really cool and easy mind reading trick with only 3 cards

This trick is a lot of fun and is surprisingly easy to do. Your spectator doesn't know that though and they can end up getting more and more frustrated as you guess their secretly chosen card every time.

This trick is sometimes called the " Blind Three Card Monte ".

You will need :

Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs

A Red Queen

How its Done:

Lay out the three cards as shown below and tell your spectator that you are going to turn away.

Ask them to think of one of the three cards and then to swap the positions of the other two cards.

Three cards ready to be shuffled in preparation for a good mentalist card trick..

For example if they chose the Ace of Spades in the above three cards, then they would make the Queen of Diamonds and the Ace Of Clubs swap positions.

This will give you cards in the positions seen below here.

Playing cards in new positions after being shuffled to increase the difficulty factor of this mind reading trick.

Next ask the spectator to turn all three cards face down, Now you turn back round to face the cards.

Three playing cards face down so that the magician cannot see which cards they are.

You now proceed to give the cards a shuffle around. This will make the trick seem even more impossible to guess the thought of card correctly. (make sure that you keep note of the center card and make sure that it finishes back in the center position )

Now pick up the cards from left to right into your hand.

Picking up playing cards from table so that the magician can hold them.

Here's the money shot. Fan out the cards and call on your best acting skills to appear to be concentrating intensely on the three cards in your hand.

The secret to this mind reading trick is at this moment you will always know the spectator's chosen card by noting the middle card.

If it is the red queen then that is there chosen card. If it is a black ace then the ace that is not in the middle will be their card.

Three playing cards fanned out in hand to allow the magician to choose the correct card.

In this case we know that the chosen card was the Ace of Spades as this is the ace that is not in the center.

After a little concentration and pondering, you can then reveal their chosen card to them.

This is a great starter trick for anyone who enjoys casual magic and can be used as a means of occasional light entertainment. Magic should be fun, kept simple where possible and not over complicated. Hope you enjoy this one.

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