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Nice And Simple Card Trick

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy As The Saying Goes

Life is complicated enough without having to learn a difficult card trick. This one is nice and simple and gifted to you with a smile.

It depends on the use of a key card. This is made easy for you in this tutorial as the key card has a smiley face drawn on it. ( Who doesn't love a smiley face eh? )

Effect: You correctly guess. a spectator's secretly chosen card from the pack.

You Need:  A deck of cards.

What Skills You Need To Learn:

Virtually Nothing! You just need to be a little bit discrete when sneaking a glance at the magical key card but more on that later as the whole trick is explained easily picture by picture below here. Enjoy

Cards are presented to audience member for them to secretely choose a card.

Start the trick by asking your friend to secretly choose a card from the pack by fanning out the deck, face down in front of them.

Ask them to not let you see the identity of the card.

Spectator mamorizes their chosen card.

Ask them to remember their card and then to place it back, face down in the pack.

. Discretely note the card in your right hand.

Pull the deck of cards into two halves. Make a note of the value of the card in your right hand ( This is the key card that we mentioned earlier ) and will act a a marker for you to find their card later in the trick.

Get the spectator to place their card, face down on top of the card in your left hand.

Two half packs of cards are place back together.

You now place the top half of the deck, back on top of their card and square up the deck ready for the next part of your performance. Dont shuffle or rearrange the pack from now on to keep the method as simple and fuss free as possible.

Deck of cards are fanned out on table, face up.

Slowly fan the cards out, face up in front of your spectator. Appear to be concentrating deeply to try and home in on their chosen card.

Do not rush this part of the performance as a little patience will add some authority and make it more convincing. Note the position of the key card. The spectator's card will be the one immediately to the right hand side of this one.

You can see that the card to the right of the smiley faced card is the five of diamonds.

Reveal the spectators card to them, using your best acting ability.

This should be dramatically revealed to the spectator as being their card.

Again. although this is a really easy trick to perform, a little acting goes a long way to enhance it and make it more convincing.

So that's that. In your audiences eye, you have pulled of a miracle revelation with the help of your smiley faced friend.

Feel free to try out some of the many other easy card tricks for your enjoyment on this site today or any other day.