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Welcome: is designed as an aid to give a hand to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of bite sized easy magic tricks to learn at home or to perform on stage at your own speed. With enough practice and showmanship, your audience may believe that you have a sixth sense.

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Mind Reading - Mind Reading Secrets

Everyone would like to be able to read minds and have psychic powers. This chapter will allow you to unleash your psychic powers and perform amazing mind reading magic tricks.
Image of all seeing eye, used in mind reading magic tricks

Powerful mentalism type secrets such as the invisible touch trick.

These are revealed to allow you to discover the secrets of today's most successful magicians.

Learn from these powerful free mind reading secrets.

Use the all seeing eye to seek out your wishes.

Mind Mimic

At the same time, the magician is seen to be concentrating deeply and writing his prediction on a separate piece of paper which he also puts in another glass. After the last question has been asked, the magician's predicted answers are compared with the spectator's answers and are found to be the same. This can get an amazing reaction from the audience as the magician is seen to be able to read thoughts.

Method: The spectator is asked a series of questions and asked to write them on a piece of paper and place the piece of paper in a glass. After each answer has been placed in the glass by the spectator, the magician asks the spectator what answer they had given. The magician acknowledges that he had also predicted that answer and placed it in his glass.

Really, the magician writes the spectators answer one question behind. The spectator has told the magician, the answer to the last question asked which the magician will write and put in his glass after asking the next question. When the first question has been asked and the spectator reveals his answer, the magician has placed his supposed prediction in another glass at the same time. What he has actually written on his paper is "carrot " which is the most probable answer to the final question that the spectator will be asked shortly.

This will allow the magician to write each answer as the spectator reveals it. The spectator will be unaware that the magician is writing his answers one question behind. Take out the papers from the glasses and pair up the answers. Stand back and watch the amazed expression of your onlookers.

Example Questions :

Question Spectator's Answer Magician's Answer
1) What is your favorite football team?
Manchester United
2) Who is your favorite music artist?
Britney Spears
Manchester United
3)Favorite Color?
Britney Spears
4)Favorite Car?
5) Name a vegetable

You should find that most people will choose carrot as their choice of vegetable, however this will not always be the case. If they choose another answer then the audience will still be impressed that you have predicted the other answers.

Telepathic Telephone Directory

A spectator is asked to call out a three digit number, which is written down. Another spectator is asked to make certain calculations with the numbers, and announce the result. He is then asked to look in the telephone book at a page and name indicated by the results and concentrate on the name at that number. The magician concentrates, deeply and announces the name that the spectator has been concentrating only. Has the magician really read the spectator's mind?

How Its Done:

Before staring this trick, turn to page 108 in the telephone book and count down to the 9th name on the page. Write this name on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope.

Ask someone to call out a three digit number, or have three different spectators each call out a one digit number. Write this down in plain view, on a slate or large sheet of paper.

Invite another spectator to come up to make some calculations. For example, suppose the number was 653. Ask him to reverse the number (356), and to subtract the lower number from the higher:

653-356 = 297

Ask him now to take the result (297), reverse it, (792) and add the two together:


The answer will always be 1089, no matter what numbers are used. If only two figures result from the subtraction, be sure to add a zero at the left, such as 079.

Now the spectator who is holding the telephone book is asked to look on the page indicated by the first three numbers, 108, and to count down to the name indicated by the last number, 9.

The spectator is asked to concentrate on the name on the page and the magician appears to be concentrating also to try and read the spectators mind. After a short time, the magician announces the name that the spectator has been concentrating on. This is quite convincing mind reading magic. The trick can be varied by this method. Write the name to be chosen on a piece of paper which is then placed in an envelope and the envelope is then sealed.

The spectator is presented with this envelope at the beginning of the trick which he is told, contains the magicians prediction. At the end of the trick, he is asked to open the envelope and announce the prediction.

This trick can be improvised on by using a dictionary, thesaurus or other type of book. A lot of the entertainment value depends on the magicians performance, so get practicing for that acting award!

If you enjoy mind reading tricks don't forget to also check out the Mental Magic and Card Thought Transition pages on this site.

Use your new powers wisely and do not reveal the secrets. Derren Brown, David Blaine and Criss Angel are a few of the magicians who have performed this kind of mentalism style magic on television. Now you have the opportunity to learn some off these valuable skills for free here

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