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Bar Challenges And Pub Tricks  

A few simple stunts to break the ice or add some amusement to quiet moments.


Cigarette Lighter Trick : Find a friend who smokes and challenge them to make a cigarette lighter. Wait till they give up thinking of a possible method. Now, either take a cigarette from them and break off the end; It's now 'lighter'. Or take one cigarette from their pack; the pack is now a' cigarette lighter'...

Customers enjoying some fun bar bets in a pub.

Try And Win A drink From Your Pals: Challenge a friend in a bar or pub who is sitting down with a nice-looking spirit, say a good whisky or a vodka.

Tell them you are going to do a trick. Place a beer mat over the top of their glass. Now offer them a bet. Say that you will bet them 50 pence or cents that you can drink their drink without moving or touching their glass or the beer mat.

Wait for them to accept this bet which sounds impossible. Now quickly remove the beer mat and drink their drink.

Now, hand your astonished friend the coins. You lost the bet, but who cares, that was a cheap drink, eh?

Image of a bottle of cold refreshing milk

p.s Make sure that your friend has a sense of humour before trying this stunt.

Another way to win a free drink from your sucker mates is as follows. Bet your friend, the cost of the round of drinks that you could drink two pints of beer before they even manage to finish one shot of spirits.The rules of this feat are that neither you or your friend are allowed to touch the other persons glass. Also explain to them that you have to get a start by drinking one pint of beer, before they lift their drink.

Simply drink the first pint and quickly place the empty pint glass over their shot glass. Continue to drink the second pint at a more leisurely pace and enjoy your free drinks.

Chalk Mark Through Table Trick: Challenge your pals that you can knock two chalk marks on top of a table, straight through the table. For this trick, you will need a table, a piece of chalk and two dumb mates.

After announcing your stunt, to get their attention, make two small chalk marks on top of the table, approximately one centimetre apart. Create some distraction by blabbing on about the difficulty of the stunt that you are about to perform

At the same time, out of sight of your onlookers, rub some chalk on two of the fingernails on your left hand. Next, show both your hands, palm up, to your friends so that they can see that both hands are empty and chalk free.

Now place your left hand, palm up against the underside of the table.

Image of a bottle of cold refreshing beer.


Now thump the top of the table with your right hand, on top of the two chalk marks. Now make a fist under the table with your left hand. This movement will transfer the chalk from your finger nails to the centre of your left palm. You can now show your mates your left palm, fooling them into thinking that the chalk marks have travelled through the table. Depending on how gullible your friends are, you can have them baffled for quite a while with this stunt.

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