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Mind Reading Trick With Crayons

An amazing amount of coloring in fun can be had with a simple box of crayons and some paper.

However they can also be used to try out an easy to do but very clever mind reading trick on your friends !!

Find out how to do it, here.

Multi colored crayons are fun to color in with and to do magic tricks.

Theres not much to it, really with the majority of the trick's success relying on your drama skills and acting ability.

You will need :

A few different colored wax crayons.

How it's done :

Announce to your friends that you have recently realised that you have new found mind reading abilities.

Hand one of them a bunch of crayons and challenge them that you can guess the color of a secretly chosen crayon without seeing it.

Turn away from your friends and put your hands behind your back.

Ask them to choose any crayon and to place it in one of your hands.

Using your best acting skills, look like you are feeling the crayon to try and get some psychic connection with it to reveal its identity.

Meanwhile secretly scrape a little of the crayon wax with your thumb nail so that it sticks under the nail.

Next ask your friend to take back the crayon and return it to the rest of the pack.

Now, turn back around to face your friend and make some magic waves with your hands.

At the same time grab a quick glance at the color of the wax scrapings under your nail.

Bingo !!! You now know your pal's chosen crayon.

You can now reveal the color of the crayon to the amazement of your friends !!

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