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Coin Vanishing In Hand Trick

Make a coin disappear. Easy to master.

This sleight of hand demonstration shows you how to do a coin vanishing trick right in front of your audience. The fact that this is a close up magic trick makes it very convincing. You can even show both sides of your hands to prove that the coin has completely disappeared.

The magic trick video on this page shows the coin vanishing illusion being done, then follows with some easy magic instructions to allow you to see how the trick was performed. This trick like all coin magic, benefits from a little practice before performing it in front of your friends.

Items Needed For This Trick :

A coin

Chap stick or a similar lip balm

How Its Done :

  1. A short time before you start your performance, apply a small amount of lip balm to the back of your left hand in the area between your thumb and first finger.( an area of about one inch by one inch should be sufficient.)
  2. Position yourself directly across a table from your spectator and clearly show them a coin. The coin is completely normal and can be presented for them to examine.
  3. Clench your left hand into a fist position and with your other hand push the coin into the clenched fist
  4. Now, clasp both hands together by intertwining your fingers together ( the coin should be hidden out of sight held against your left palm with your right thumb
  5. Next, slowly untangle your intertwined fingers and hold out your hands, palms facing towards your spectator. During this same motion of holding your outstretched hands out, slowly push the coin with your thumb from your palm to the area at the back of your hand where the lip balm was applied.
  6. The lip balm should hold the coin in place, allowing you to move your hands apart taking care not to show the back of the hand with the coin stuck to it.
  7. This looks completely impossible to your audience as the coin seems to have disappeared from their angle of view.

Don't let the simplicity of this trick fool you into thinking it will not be impressive. When doing a magic performance, as in a lot of other entertainment professions you often find that an easy trick, practiced and performed well is far more memorable than a lot of tricks that are more technical but less entertaining. Quality not quantity.

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