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No Money ! No Honey ! Coin Trick

A small coin clearly held out in the magicians hand, unexplainedy changes into two larger coins ??? right in front of the spectator's eyes

The two large coins can then be handed out to be examined.

This is very effective double coin close up magic and is relatively easy to learn. The magic instruction video below, will show you the free coin trick being performed and then explains how it was done.


Like all good magic tricks, this one will benefit from a little practice before performing the trick in front of your friends.

This impressive coin sleight trick looks fantastic but it is important to get the audience's viewing angles right. One of the best ways to find the best angles is to practice in front of a mirror.

This will give you a good idea of what your audience can actually see and allow you to perform the no money no honey trick with dazzling effect.

The beauty of this illusion is that it uses only everyday objects and is enhanced greatly by some practice and some entertaining patter. Indeed a light hearted narrative can lift even some of the blandest magician routines to the next level

You can also find some other cool coin tricks and basic coin handling techniques to learn on the main coin magic page of this site.