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Foiled Again Coin Trick

A an easy to do but really mind boggling disappearing coin illusion for you to try out on your friends.

This is a fantastic looking effect which requires a small foiled coin gimmick that is easy to make. A tutorial is shown on this page.

Items needed to make the magic coin gimmick.

The items we will need to make the coin gimmick are a small piece of aluminum foil which is usually found in the kitchen.

A small coin such as a quarter.

A pair of scissors. Best leaving the cutting of the foil for an adult to do.


Smooth the foil over the surface and edges of the coin with your finger

Place the coin on a flat surface and cover with small piece of foil.

The foil should be smoothed over the coin with your finger until it shows an impression of the coin on its surface.

Smooth the foil round the sides of the coin as well.

Carefully cut around the moulded coin shaped foil.

Next, get an adult to cut the foil round the impression of the coin until you are left with a coin shaped shell.

Close up of the coin gimmick

On close inspection you can see that it is not a real coin but when used with other real coins in a trick, you should be OK as long as you do not draw attention to the shell coin.

Coin is shown in hand with two other coins.

Start the trick by showing your audience that you are holding three coins in your hand. ( This is two real coins of the same value as your gimmick one and of course the third coin is your gimmick ).

Fist is closed to squeeze coins.

Tell your audience that you are going to use your magic powers to squeeze the coins so tightly that one will completely disappear.

Close your fist and gently crush the gimmick coin. You will be able to feel when it is crushed and then hide it between two fingers.

Hand is opened to revel only two coins.

Open your hand to reveal that one of the coins has indeed disappeared, to your audience's amazement.

The crushed coin is hidden between fingers.

When your fist is closed, you will be surprised how easy it is to maneuver the gimmick into position between the fingers,

Foils shell can be crushed into small ball and hidden between fingers.

Here is an example of the crushed coin. This can easily be discarded by putting your hand in your pocket.


So there you go. An easy to do coin vanishing trick which usually gets a great reaction from your audience,

A useful tip for this trick is that baking foil usually has a shiny side and a dull side. It is better to use the dull side facing up when molding the coin as the shiny side can sometimes be too bright and less realistic looking. Have fun with this trick which is great to perform now and again.