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Rub A Dub Vanish Card Trick

You amaze your audience with a simple yet very effective card vanish routine.

Effect: The magician is seen holding out a face down deck of cards. The top card is partially covered by the magician's hand and slid on to the table where after being given a magic rub, it appears to have vanished through the table. ??

This magic instruction video below here, clearly shows you the sleight being revealed and then continues with instructions on how to perform the sleight yourself.


You can see in the magic instruction video that this very strong illusion is accomplished by the use of a seemingly very simple sleight of hand. However, the real key to this rub a dub magic trick is the timing of the sleight.

You will see a polished example of timing in the card magician instruction video above, that the complete trick is done in one continuous move. Without wanting to go on and on, the best way to achieve this level of smoothness is practice.

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