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Amazing Psychic Coin Magic Trick

This cool coin prediction trick shows you how to predict which hand an audience member is hiding a coin in. Use your psychic powers to appear to read the mind of your subjects. This psychic prediction trick can be approximately 80% accurate as your powers of observation improve with a little practice


Performance :- Ask a friend or a member of your audience to take a coin out from their pocket.

They are then asked to put their hands behind their back, hide the coin in one of their hands and then bring both hands round to their front holding their arms stretched out in front of them with both fists clenched


Your job is to accurately find which hand the coin is hidden in..

With great concentration you pause for thought and then continue to predict the correct hand several times in a row.

This feat should cement your role as an amazing mind reader.

Method:- The secret to this trick is to observe your friend or audience members body language. There are hopefully a few subtle signs that should give away the position of the coin. The main signs to look out for are as follows : -

A quick glance ( to the side of the hand holding the coin ) as they bring their hands back around to the front.

Slight tilts of the head ( again to the side of the hand holding the coin )

The direction that their nose is pointing ( Don't underestimate this one ) !

Twitching eyebrows and slight licking of the lips towards the side that the coin is in.

Conclusion :- Once again don't forget to pay attention to the direction that your subjects nose is pointing in as experts suggest that the tip of their nose should often point to the coin.

Also you can observe a lot of these subtle gestures and subtle glances, purely by observing your spectator's face and expressions. The fact that you are concentrating on their face can also help to strengthen their perception that you are trying to read their mind.

This is one of those performance s that depends a lot on your acting ability and chat to add to the atmosphere of the trick.

You already have a 50 - 50 chance of choosing correctly each time and these subtle tell tell signs that you now know to look out for can swing the odds greatly in your favor.

Do not over do this trick, three or four correct guesses should be plenty.

Don't worry if you occasionally guess wrongly as these methods are not fool proof. Take the opportunity to comment on your audience's excellent skills at fooling you into making the incorrect choice. Most of all, enjoy the trick which should be used for a little light hearted fun.

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