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Coin Vanish Street Magic Trick

An easy to do David Blaine style street magic trick exposed where you vanish and reappear a quarter in a spectator's hand

Effect : A spectator tries to grab a quarter from your hand. The quarter mysteriously vanishes right in front of their eyes. You in your own cool street magician style, make the quarter re appear from out of the sky.

You Need: A quarter. A little bit of entertaining patter

How It's Done: Approach a member of the public or your audience and ask if they are interested in a coin trick challenge.

Coin being held between finger and thumb in preparation for a coin vanish trick.

If yes, then bring out a quarter or other coin from your pocket and hold it between your thumb and finger, in your right hand.

Tell your assistant that you will count to three and on the count of three, if they can grab the coin from your hand, that they can keep it.



Now ask the assistant to stretch out their arm and hold their hand, palm up and open. Proceed to lift your hand with the coin, above your head and bring your hand down over their hand, counting one, two and three, each time you bring down your hand over theirs,

As you begin to bring down your hand for the third time, gently drop the coin on top of your head. When you bring down your hand and shout "Three"!! they will make a grab for the coin which will have mysteriously vanished.

Now hold out both your hands to show them that your are not concealing the quarter and that it has truly vanished. Tell your assistant that you will magically summon the coin back.

Hold out their hand in front of them. Open their hand palm facing up and as they are paying attention to their hand, use this moment of distraction to gently lower your head and let the quarter fall into their hand.

The coin will appear to have fallen from the sky. This is an easy to do street magic style trick exposed whose entertainment value is as good as your entertaining style allows it to be.

Although looking simple and impromptu, the art of how to vanish a coin is an important sleight in a magician's line up. It's one of those sleights that takes seconds to learn and years to master. A good source of reference in coin vanish tricks is the paperback "Modern Coin Magic" by J.B. Bobo.


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