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Pencil Tap Coin Vanishing Trick

This is an easy to perform coin vanish trick where a coin appears to vanish into thin air after being tapped with a pencil.

Magic tricks should be fun to perform as well as to watch. This is a simple coin vanish that you can learn quickly and looks really impressive to your friends

All that is required to do the trick is a pencil and a coin. These two items should be readily available enough to find making this a great impromptu trick to try in the office or classroom..

The magic trick instruction video below, shows the easy coin vanish being performed and then goes on to explain the easy secret.

As shown in the video there are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that the trick goes smoothly.

Remember to ensure that you have a soft surface for the coin to fall onto so that your audience will not hear the coin drop

Practice the trick until you have perfected the timing motion of tapping your hand and grabbing the coin with your other hand. You should find that this move will be easier to do with a little practice

Don't let the simplicity of this coin sleight fool you, this is a very impressive magic trick secret and usually leaves your audience stunned as the coin appeared to vanish right in front of them.