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Elastic Coin Trick

A large coin manages to pass through a small hole in a playing card which looks impossible when viewed.

This version of an elastic coin trick looks incredible as it happens right in front of the spectators.

Large coins are clearly seen to make a seemingly impossible squeeze through a much smaller hole. This trick can really get your audience baffled.

The magic instruction video below here shows this coin trick being performed and then follows with an explanation to allow you to learn to do this fascinating magic trick.

This clever illusion is a great example of how much fun and entertainment can be had with just a few simple peices of equipment such as a card and a coin.

This gives you the added advantage of being able to carry them almost anywhere and so can provide you with an opportunity to perform an impromptu trick at a moments notice or wherever the opportunity arises.

Very few coin conjuring tricks provde you with as big a chance to create a big impression and put a smile on peoples faces.

Enjoy practicing this one and when you have prepared the simple gimmick you should be able to use it over and over again.

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