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Easy Coin Tricks To Do For Free

Do not underestimate the power of a good coin trick. These are some of the most well liked tricks that a beginner magician can perform.

There are many occasions when you feel that the time and place to perform a simple trick is perfect. In these situations, you need something that can be set up really quickly. This is where coin magic comes into its own as coins are readily available and nearly everyone usually is carrying some.

This page highlights some of the best easy coin tricks to get you started all for free so join us at the start of your journey into this fantastic pastime.

Coin melting through a deck of cards.

This page shows you how to do some of the best easy coin tricks for free. They are explained in as clear a manner as possible to enable you to do some great coin magic as soon as possible

Pencil Tap Vanish

All that is required to do the trick is a pencil and a coin. These two items should be readily available enough to find making this a great impromptu trick to try in the office or classroom..

The magic trick instruction video below, shows the easy coin vanish being performed and then goes on to explain the easy secret.

As shown in the video there are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that the trick goes smoothly.

Remember to ensure that you have a soft surface for the coin to fall onto so that your audience will not hear the coin drop

Practice the trick until you have perfected the timing motion of tapping your hand and grabbing the coin with your other hand. You should find that this move will be easier to do with a little practice

Five Coin Challenge

Your spectator is told that if they can correctly call out the number of coins that you are going to count into their hand, that they can keep the money for themselves.

Five coins placed in palm of spectator's hand for finale of magic coin trick.

You then proceed to count 6 coins, one by one into their open hand.

They then close their hand quickly and confidently call out the number of coins.

To their surprise, when they open their hand, they find out their answer is wrong, allowing you to keep your money.

The Secret: Six coins are taken out from your pocket and shown to your spectator. They can clearly see six coins and so will be confident of winning the challenge.

Count the coins one by one into their open hand, counting aloud, "one" "two" "three" "four" but when you get to coin number five, you still say "five" but simply tap this coin against another coin in their hand but do not let go of the coin.

Finally announce "six" and drop coin number "six" into their hand, after which they need to close their hand quickly.

This is an easy to do coin trick challenge which can be good fun.

You can easily slip the sixth coin back into your pocket or make it appear from somewhere to further enhance the magic.

Multiplying Coin Illusion

Effect : A magician has two coins in his hand when he starts to rub them it looks like a third is appearing and when he opens his hand there are now three coins.

Preparation : You Need: Three of the same type of coin.

You need to have one of the coins hidden in a finger palm position. ( That is when a coin is hidden in your slightly curled fingers as shown in the photo below here.)

Image showing one of the coins hidden in a finger palm position.

Performance : Hold two coins flat on top of each other between your thumb and forefinger, sideways to the audience. Say you will make an extra coin by rubbing them together.

You then rub the coins together and a third coin appears.

You then close the coins in your fist and when you open your hand out, you are seen to be holding three coins.


Method : Place two coins between your first finger and thumb. Now rub the two coins quickly backwards and forwards against each other. It should now look as if there are three coins, not two.

It is almost certain that a spectator will mention that this is only an optical illusion.

Now is the time to close your fist and re open it showing all three coins.

Illustration of illusion of third coin when two coins are moved quickly in fingertips.

Coin Through Solid Glass Trick

A brilliantly simple but amazing to watch, coin through solid glass trick is demonstrated and explained step by step.

Item needed to perform this illusion, a small galss and a coin.

Start off with just a glass and a coin.

It is easier to use a small to medium sized glass. Make sure it has a strong base.

The coin can even be signed by your spectator to prove that it is the same coin that will be seen inside the glass.

Image showing coin being tapped on base of glass to prove that it is solid.

After the coin has been signed (optional ) tap it gently on the bottom of the glass so that your audience can clearly see that the base is solid.

Both the coin and the glass can be freely examined by your audience.

Image showing coin being held in center of your palm and below the glass.

Place the coin in the center of your palm.

Hold the glass in your other hand, gripping the glass from above.

Gently tap the bottom of the glass two times with the coin, which will be unable to pass through the glass.

Image showing coin in new position near finger tips, raedy to be thrown up into the glass.

Now , gently let the coin slide from the center of your palm, towards your finger tips.

This should be done discretely so that your audience are unaware of the coin moving position.

Now tap your palm against the base of the glass. the coin should now be catapulted up towards your other arched hand and bounce of it and into the glass.

Image showing trajectory of the coin from another angle.

Here you can see an example of the move from another angle.

This move is not difficult but will need a little practice so that you can find the most comfortable position for your upper hand and also the best spot to hit to ensure that the coin will bounce into the glass.

Image showing coin being swirled in glass and tipped out for examination by the audience.

Immediately give the glass a swirl, so that the audience can hear it inside the glass. They can see the coin in the glass which can be tipped out and given to them to examine.

If the coin had been signed before, this would reinforce their belief that the coin had actually traveled through the glass.



Coin Through Paper Envelope

This is a clever coin trick that can be done as impromptu magic using only two simple props, a coin and a square of paper. This stunt is easy to do and gets an amazing reaction from your audience. A classsic of close up magic and an easy trick for beginners to perform.
Obtain paper square and coin to perform this close up magic trick.

1. Get hold of the materials to perform the trick and show them to the audience as being everyday objects.

Place the coin in the centre of the piece of paper

1. Holding the piece of paper, take the coin and place it in the centre of the paper

Fold bottom edge of paper up to cover the coin.

2. The next step is to fold the bottom edge of the paper up to cover the coin.The bottom edge should not be folded up all the way up to the top edge but should be about 5 millimetres below it.

Right edge of paper is folded back behind coin.

3. The right edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin as shown in the picture.

Bend top flap bof paper behind coin.

4. The left edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin a shown in the picture.

Left edge of paper is folded back behind coin.

5. The last fold is made by bending the top flap of the paper behind the coin. This will appear to the audience member to have completely sealed in the coin . Unknown to them there is actually an opening at the top of the paper pouch.

Turn pouch upside down and allow the coin to fall into the palm of your hand.

6. Turn the paper pouch upside down in your hand and let the coin gently fall into your palm where you can conceal it from the audience.

Tear the paper in two and the coin appears to have vanished.

7. For a finale, you can tear the paper pouch in two, where the audience see that the coin appears to have vanished. Use a little patter to make this trick more entertaining.

This trick depends on a little sleight of hand. The use of some gimmicks such as the one used in this trick are absolutely OK as long as they are not overused. It is always best to depend on your core magic skills.