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Disappearing Dollar Magic Trick

This magic trick can be done with two bills of the same currency and value.

Effect : In this clever vanishing trick the magician has three dollar bills in full view of the audience in his hand and then suddenly, one disappears leaving the other two left side by side, right in front of the audience who are usually left feeeling very puzzled as to what just happened ?

Dollar bills folded toin preparation for magic trick.

Preparation : Secretly take out of your pocket/purse, a normal dollar bill and then fold it over about two thirds across, now take the second dollar bill and place it over the crease of the fold, hiding the fold from view.

At this time, the two bills should now look just like three normal dollar bills.

Dollar bills image showing correct angle to hold bills towards audience.
Method : Now grab the top of the two bottom edges of the dollar bill. When they are in between your thumb and pointer finger, shake the bill vigorously so that the top edge of the bill flops backward making the folded bill unfold.
Dollar bills are shaken and held out to reveal that one has disappeared.
Finally, take your bills and show that three dollar bills have amazingly changed into only two genuine dollar bills.