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How To Roll A Coin Across Your Knuckles Trick

A quick tutorial to demonstrate how to roll a coin across your knuckles. This coin flourish is commonly seen being used by magicians and even by poker players using poker chips and can be a big attraction.

Wild west characters posing for a photo in a typical western style setting.

It can be seen in many western movies as the mavericks and card sharps, sit poker faced round a card table, waiting for another player to call their bluff.

Preparation : There is little preparation required other than choosing the right size and weight of coin to perform the trick. The flipping of the coin from finger to finger is assisted by gravity and so a coin with a little weight such as a silver half dollar can help produce a smooth flowing movement.

Method : Start with a coin balanced on your thumb pad and slide the coin onto your first finger at the part of the finger nearest the knuckle.

The hand should be held so that the finger joints that are balancing the coin are facing horizontally upwards.


Starting position in hand for this sleight.
To start the coin roll, a coin ( large coins are easier to worth with such as a half dollar or similar sized coin ) should be held between thumb and first finger as shown in photo.
Thumb is used to push up coin onto first finger.
The coin is then pushed up by the thumb so that it flips over onto the first finger.
Second finger grabs coin and pulls it over.
Second finger is raised and lowered slightly to clip the coin and flip it over so that it lands on the second finger.
First finger is lifted up slightly to assist in flipping coin over onto second finger.
This move is assisted by raising the first finger as the second finger is lowering to help complete the flip.
These actions are repeated with second and third finger.
The same routine should be used to flip the coin from second to third finger.
Coin is held in place between finger and pinky as shown here.
And again until coin is pinched between fourth finger and pinky.
Thumb is brought across to slide coin over to the thumb side of your palm.
Thumb is then reached over to push the coin against underside of fingers and slide it across to its starting position.
Coin is now balancing on thumb, ready to repeat the sequence again.
Coin is seen balancing on thumb ready to start sequence again.


Now to transfer the coin from the first to middle finger, first lower and raise the middle finger so that it pinches the side of the coin flipping it over from first to middle finger.

Repeat this action with the next finger so that the coin flips on to it.

With the coin balanced on the finger next to the little finger. Place little finger on top of the coin and slide the coin under your fingers far enough along so that you can grip it with your thumb.

The thumb can then continue sliding the coin around on to the top of the first finger again. You can then repeat the cycle as many times as you like.

Tips : The only way to get this popular trick up to speed is practice. You are sure to drop the coin several times, this is normal. Practice doing the move over a soft surface such as paper or cloth. This should cut down on the noise of the coin falling and help stop it from rolling away.

Try tilting your hand at a slight angle when flipping the coin from finger to finger, to help gravity assist you in flipping the coin.

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