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Criss Angel Coin Through Table


Effect: A small coin such as a quarter is shown to your audience. You then explain how you are going to attempt to make the coin travel through a glass table. With a magic rub and some serious focus of mind, the coin is shown to have traveled through the glass table top and into your hand on the other side of the glass ?

This trick is a very convincing effect and is surprisingly easy to perform.

The magic trick depends on a simple sleight of hand and some cleverly placed easy to find items.

In the video below, Criss Angel performs the coin through the table trick and then the secret is revealed.

This trick is a great example of a cleverly thought out routine. It makes use of the surroundings and the theme of the are that it is being performed in. By this I mean that in this case, the props are the napkin and cutlery which look completely at home, as the routine is being performed on a table, which is normally where you would expect to find these type of items.

This type of trick and casual manner are used to great effect by Criss who has a good eye for coming up with some fresh and innovative ideas. The routine is performed in a relaxed friendly manner which adds to the credibility of the magician and makes him far less of a suspect of having pulled off some sleight of hand to perform the magic.

Criss is an excellent example of how to perform a seemingly totally impromptu feat of magic as if the idea just came into his head at that moment. the audience had no idea that the table had been purposely set up a short while before the performance.

This cool feat can be done by most people and just needs a little practice to perfect the timing. Have fun if you decide to try it.

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