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Criss Angel Style Magic Tricks

Enjoy watching and learning as this page explains in the following YouTube videos, the secret of impressive, street magic style tricks similar to tricks. performed by street magicians such as Criss Angel.

In the first magic video, Criss Angel explains how he performed one of his levitation tricks.

The second shows Criss doing a cool card illusion and the third video shows the performance and explanation of an easy but fun street magic style coin trick sleight

Criss Angel Levitation Explained

Watch how Criss Angel performing this amazing levitation and explains how the trick was done.




Watch how Criss performs this cool card trick !! The trick is then explained.



Check out this cool quarter through the table vanishing trick which Criss Angel has been known to have performed in a similar style

Criss is well known as one of the best street magic style magicians in the world

The above videos show just a few of Criss Angels tricks in action. He is also very well known for his spectacular stage shows. His Mind Freak Vegas show is still showing in Planet Hollywood as this page is being written, which is testament to the popularity of this very inventive modern day magician and illusionist.

High profile entertainers such as Criss, David Blaine and Penn and Teller, help keep the art of magic in the limelight. This will hopefully inspire new people to take an interest and enter into this very enjoyable field of entertainment.