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Appearing Money Bills Magic Trick

This fantastic free money from thin air magic trick looks great as a fountain of dollar bills flow from your fingertips

You Will Need:

Some Money Bills
Long Sleeved Jacket or Sweater


Calmly seated at a table, the magician invites a spectator to sit down across the table from him. The magician opens both hands and clearly shows them on both sides, to show that they are completely empty. To reinforce this fact, each sleeve is pulled up to expose the magicians lower arms and each hand again is shown open at this stage.



The magician then clasps both hands together and with a vigorous rubbing motion, proceeds to spew a fountain of seemingly limitless money bills, out from between his hands. This looks awesome and leaves your spectator, totally baffled. Check out the magic video above, then read how to do the secret.

So, What's The Secret?

It's easy when you know how. Simply roll up a few money bills into a tight roll and place the tube of bills in a crease in the sleeve of your jacket. Do this before inviting the spectator to join you for this amazing illusion. If you hold your arm relaxed, with your elbow resting on the table, the roll of bills should remain concealed

Open both hands to show spectator that they are empty. Then pull up your sleeves making sure that the first sleeve that you pull up is the one that is not hiding the rolled up notes. Now, when you pull up your second sleeve, grip the sleeve near to the hidden bills.

Open your hand of the arm that you are pulling the sleeve up to show it is empty. This action will distract the spectator's attention, allowing you to subtly sneak the bills from your sleeve into your other hand. Place hands quickly together and you should be able to push out the bills from your finger tips, one by one as shown in the magic video.

This sleight of hand illusion looks amazing. Don't forget to practice.