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Goodtricks.net is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of complimentary easy magic tricks to learn and master at your own speed.

From Houdini style escape tricks to thrilling grand stage spectacular shows by the likes of great stage magicians such as David Copperfield and right to the more intimate style of close up magic. This fascinating subject is a great source of entertainment to give.

Enjoy this cool site and have lots of fun with your complimentary magic tricks and pranks.

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Free Magic Tricks - Free Card Tricks

Learn to do impressive magic tricks and magician secrets.

Card tricks can add a touch of polish to your act.

A pack of cards is probably the most valuable tool in any magician's bag of tricks.

An almost unlimited source of entertainment and fun can be had with this very useful and versatile tool.

You will find many thrilling hidden gems of amusement revealed here such as this reputation maker.

Coin tricks with a touch of magic image.

Coins are one of the easiest kind of items to get your hands on in most places.

It's amazing to see the amount of fun and amazement that can be created with such taken for granted items.

One of the best and simplest sleights to learn is the Elbow Coin Vanish

Street magic modern up to date style image

Don't invest your hard earned cash in expensive gimmicks when you can invest in yourself.

An interesting well practiced routine presented with a smile and some personality is priceless and can really enhance your conjuring act.

An excellent example of this type of routine is the Anti Gravity Water Illusion

Lucky Dip Random Magic Trick image

Can't decide which category of magic to practice ? No problem.

This cool chapter introduces the pick of the bunch in astonishing magic from many different subjects including levitation and bar tricks and pranks.

A good one to get you started could be the Melting Playing Card Illusion

  • Easy to learn magic tricks to impress your friends.
  • No more mega expensive gimmicks and props.
  • We empower you with the knowledge to do.
  • Super impressive tricks, pranks and illusions.

There are many magic trick sites and videos available online that are all competing for your attention. The problem here is that the amount of choice is overwhelming. Sorting out the good from the bad can be a long laborious task and can require a significant amount of time invested before you realize that the gikveaway tricks are more difficult to master than you thought or that they are not explained clearly.

Magic is an incredibly rewarding form of entertainment and art. Whether practicing how to do magic as a hobby to entertain family and friends or to jump onboard and take it to a professional level ? The choice is entirely up to you.

All we are trying to provide at GoodTricks.net is a hand picked selection of relatively easy tricks and illusions to do with a high entertainment value. They are explained in an easy to learn manner and will hopefully provide you with a kick start into this exciting and incredibly rewarding hobby.

Probably the most popular magician category is tricks with playing cards. While there are many diverse areas of this field, card magician tricks tend to be appealing and a firm favorite with audiences.

There is a fine selection of these gratis magical gems demonstrated and explained step by step in this web site. As mentioned many times in the site, an invaluable resource for revision is The Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue.

This is available in both paperback and even as a pdf online. Although it was written several decades ago, it is still very relevant today and an excellent source of reference material for you.

You will also find some amazing personal feats of strength and self control such as the Ascension balloon flight achieved by David Blaine. This is not exactly magic but is still very impressive. The Street Magic chapter of this site demonstrates some more realistic and achievable gifts of knowledge to learn and perform.