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Orange Kangaroo In Denmark Trick


Australian animals ? Scandinavian countries ? Tropical Fruits ? Who knows what this cheeky prediction trick will reveal !!!

Effect: A person is given a few instructions with a seemingly unlimited choice of answers.

They are instructed not to reveal their chosen answers. You should then be able to predict what that person had been thinking of, to everybody's amazement.

Method: Read out the following instructions to your friend and get them to think of the answer as soon as possible. ( They may want to scribble some notes on paper to make the task easier. )

Image of kangaroo eating an orange.


  1. Think of a number from 1 to 10.
  2. Multiply that number by 9.
  3. If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together.
  4. Now subtract 5.
  5. Determine which letter in the alphabet corresponds to the
    number you ended up with ( example ) 1 = a, 2 = b, 3 = c, e.t.c.)
  6. Think of a country that starts with that letter.
  7. Remember the last letter of the name of that country.
  8. Think of the name of an animal that starts with that letter.
  9. Remember the last letter in the name of that animal.
  10. Think of the name of a fruit that starts with that letter.

You can then ask them if they are thinking of a kangaroo in Denmark, eating an orange.

This is a really cool prediction trick that should work most of the time. The secret is in the instructions. By instruction 3 your friend will always have come up with the number 9. Subtracting 5, leaves you with he the number 4. The number 4 is then converted to the letter D

From here it is down to a question of probability, as Denmark is by far the most common choice that people tend to think of. Further on when they are trying to think of an animal beginning with K, again Kangaroo is by far the most common choice although you may very occasionally be caught out with a Koala or Kiwi as an answer.

This cool magic prediction trick is meant as a light hearted bit of amusement and can really catch people out, leaving them wondering if you can actually read their mind.

If your a w̶a̶l̶l̶a̶b̶y̶ wannabe magician, this could be your lucky break

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